Technical Innovation – Melissa Schilling

mschilling.jpgDay 9, Thursday 31st Jan: Dr Melissa Schilling is an associate professor of management at New York University Stern School of Business where she teaches courses in strategic management and technology and innovation management. Melissa gave a seminar titled “Strategic Management of Technical Innovation” focussed on the following 7 main areas which are extracted from her book:
- Types and patterns of innovation
- Standards battles and design dominance
- Timing of entry effects
- Collaboration strategies
- Protecting innovation
- Managing the new product development process
- Crafting a deployment strategy

Main points which I identified in Melissa’s presentation include:
Types and patterns of innovation
- Technology improvement occurs faster than customers adjust their requirements
- Types of technical innovation:
      - Product vrs process innovation
      - Radical vrs incremental innovation
      - Competence enhancing vrs competence-destroying innovation
      - Architectural vrs component innovation
- Rate of technology improvement & adoption typically follows S shaped curve as shown in graph
- Melissa quoted Everett M. Rogers’ topology of technology adopters:
      - Innovators – first 2.5% of people to adopt an innovation
      - Early adopters – next 13.5%
      - Early majority – next 34%
      - Late adopters – next 34%
      - Laggards – last 16%
- Dr Schilling posed some questions based on these general concepts:
      1. Is your innovation:
            - product or process?
            - radical or incremental?
            - competence destroying or enhancing (and for whom)?
            - modular or architectural?
      2. Where is your innovation on the technology s-curve? Where are competing technologies or services on their s-curves?
      3. What adopter categories would be likely to choose your innovation?
      4. Is this innovation disruptive? Is it likely to become a dominant design? Are industry stakeholders likely to resist this innovation? If so, why?

Melissa went on to cover 6 other areas in comprehensive detail. However there is simply too much include to include on a blog without hazing the details. To learn more about Melissa’s views on these topics check her book out:
- Standards battles and design dominance
- Timing of entry
- Collaboration Strategies
- Protecting Innovation
- Managing the new product development process
- Crafting a deployment strategy

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