Kauffman Fellowship – the details…

Gordon brownIn Gordon Brown’s 2006 budget speech he mentioned that enterprise and entrepreneurship would be given a new focus by the government. One way this happened was a partnership between NCGE and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in America. The partnership gives 12 select engineering graduates from UK/Northern Irish/Danish Universities the opportunity to study Entrepreneurship in America, with the intention of starting their own businesses. In 2007 Gordon Brown, now as Prime Minister, and Carl Schramm, CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, continued to emphasise the importance of Enterprise and the positive impact of working with global entrepreneurs at the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week (video) in November 2007 (pictured above). Below is a picture of Carl Schramm and Gordon Brown with some of the 2008 global scholars (aka entrepreneurship fellows).

fellows_with_gordon_brown_4__custom_.jpgThis blog provides details of the Kauffman Entrepreneurship Fellowship, including training received from NCGE in the UK during the first 6 months, in addition to time spent training in the States with the Kauffman Foundation, during the last 6 months. Feel free to follow the blog for further details on my experiences during the Fellowship (July 07-08), which is supported by NICENT and INI. The outline of the program’s agenda is as follows:

London (Induction @ London Rebuilding Society): July 11th 2007 (2 day residential)
Portsmouth (@ University of Portsmouth): Sept 20th 2007 (2 day residential)
Manchester (@ University of Manchester): Nov 1st 2007 (2 day residential)
Reading/London (@ Microsoft, Kings College London): Dec 11th 2007 (2 day residential)
Kansas City (@ Kauffman Foundation): Jan 19th 2008 (4 weeks)
San Fran (@ Silicon Valley, Stanford): Feb 17th 2008 (9 days)
Boston (@ Harvard, MIT): Feb 26th 2008 (11 days)
San Fran (Internship @ Cisco’s IBSG): March 8th 2008 (12 weeks)
Kansas City (debrief): May 31st 2008 (1 week)
Home: June 6th 2008

USA phase:
For six months, Kauffman Global Scholars study, exchange ideas, and work with U.S. entrepreneurial experts. The groundbreaking program offers aspiring entrepreneurs:
– Direct access to American researchers, business founders, and policymakers who give scholars the insights to foster entrepreneurship in their own countries and to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.
– Mentors who individually guide and coach each Scholar throughout the course of the six-month program.
– Visits to leading American universities to exchange ideas with faculty, students, and those engaged in innovative, entrepreneurial work.
– Three-month entrepreneurship internships at innovative entrepreneurial companies. Here, the Scholars experience the real-life challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and, in turn, share their skills and talents with the mentoring companies.

An International Give-and-Take:
In today’s economy, companies must think and act globally to succeed. The Kauffman Global Scholars Program forms the cornerstone of an important transnational dialogue that benefits all who participate. Upon completing the program, Scholars take home a keen understanding of how they can apply their ideas, technical skills, and knowledge to create successful, high-impact ventures in their countries. And, the U.S. companies that host the Global Scholars gain an insider’s view of the resources, cultures, and business practices that characterize the countries with which they may do business.

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