Carl & George W – because they can!

Day 10, Friday 1st February:
We had no seminars today so Stuart Varrall and I organised some meetings to make full use of the spare time. This included one meeting with a local SME working in the mobile space interested in Stuart and my projects.

Later in the day we met with Harold Bradley the chief investment officer for the Foundation who is responsible for directing the Foundation’s $2.4 billion portfolio. Stuart and I had originally planned to discuss finance and stocks with Harold. We had not anticipated the insightful and interesting conversation and exchange of idea that prevailed! As it happens we didn’t really talk about financing at all, just about starting ventures and his personal approach to business. Harold made a few points which I think are worth sharing:
– Focus on the idea and not the money and the latter will follow promptly
– Use the media effectively – make journalists your friend
– Adapt rapidly, not incrementally to major market barriers
– Adapting incrementally means awaiting confirmation & reassurance at each tier or barrier
– Think going global from the start, not later
– Howard also recommended the following books:
      – Benoit B. Mandelbrot, The Misbehavior of Markets
      – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable
      – Felda Hardyman & Joshua Lerner, Harvard course text

Another meeting happened on Friday which perhaps was more important than those I was involved in. Some guy called George W. Bush joined ‘il Presidente Reale’, Carl Schramm, for a breakfast meeting with area business leaders on Friday morning in Kansas City. Ohhhh that Carl and his crazieee friends!!!


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